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Petites Pattes

Petites Pattes is a hosiery brand specifically for babies and newborns. Their philosophy is to introduce an interactive experience between the customer and the product by offering unique designs, as well as a mix and match sock ranges. Petites Pattes are a quirky and cool brand designed for parents who want to add playfulness to an everyday routine, both for them and their child.

Petites Pattes is a small brand with the aim of pushing the concept of playfulness, but does not neglect the importance of comfort and practically. They work closely with their suppliers thus understand the important technical aspects that go into creating snug hosiery for babies and newborns.

At Petites Pattes they use the best cotton yarn to ensure the comfort of a baby’s delicate skin. They work directly with ‘Daramitr’, an established manufacturer based in Thailand who has been producing high quality hosiery since 1977. By introducing a different knitting technique, they have been able create a new range of product which eliminates the use of rubber, which at times can cause irritation around a baby’s ankles.

Petites Pattes aim to produce the best quality products for children at the best possible value.